Our mission is to provide solutions and services to meet the health insurance
and employee benefit needs of our clients and their employees. This includes individuals
and families seeking the best health insurance value in the marketplace.
We believe in taking care of our clients in an extraordinary way.

Your Health Insurance Options

Subsidy Chart

If your household income (with family sized considered) falls between 138% and 400%, you will qualify for federal government subsidies that will lower you monthly health insurance premium.

Household Size 100% 133% 150% 200% 300% 400%
1 $11,880 $15,800 $17,820 $23,760 $35,640 $47,520
2 $16,020 $21,307 $24,030 $32,040 $48,060 $64,080
3 $20,160 $26,813 $30,240 $40,320 $60,480 $80,640
4 $24,300 $32,319 $36,450 $48,600 $72,900 $97,200
5 $28,440 $37,825 $42,660 $56,880 $85,320 $113,760
6 $32,580 $43,331 $48,870 $65,160 $97,740 $130,320
For each additional person add $4,160 $5,533 $6,240 $8,320 $12,480 $16,640

Impressions and Reviews

We are always trying to exceed your expectations.  Let us know how we did and what we can do better to help you.

Skyler Phillips
Skyler Phillips
19:33 23 Nov 16
I have really enjoyed working with Blake, Shane, and the staff for the last few years. Shane is great to work with and always takes good care of me and my family. I highly recommend this company!
Allie Dopp
Allie Dopp
00:26 13 Jan 17
I could not be more pleased with my experiences with RBI. I found myself in a complicated insurance situation, and Vanessa was incredibly helpful. She not only sent me the best priced estimates for insurance, but she listened to my situation and helped me make the best decision for our family. She was very informed and knowledgable about insurance laws and practices and has easily saved us thousands after just a couple phone calls. I will reccommend RBI to anyone with insurance needs!
Brandi Mcfarland
Brandi Mcfarland
20:17 07 Jul 15
We have been a client with RBI benefits for 10+ years now and they have been a tremendous resource. Their knowledge about the insurance industry and advice is highly valued. Insurance is a huge cost to a business and with leaders like RBI guiding us through the different plans, carriers, laws, etc. we are confident that the benefit packages we provide to our employees is the best for our group. We trust them 100% and can't recommend them enough to others.
Shellie Nickell
Shellie Nickell
18:09 13 Jul 15
They are always so kind and fast to jump on a task provided. I feel that they strive to be up-to-date with all the changes that happen within healthcare system. If they do not know something that is asked., they are fast to find answers and always get back to you in a timely manner.
Angela Coleman
Angela Coleman
20:17 10 Jul 15
Blake Izatt and his team at RBI Benefits are the absolute best! There customer service is top notch and I will be a forever customer! They are kind and compassionate and their patience is out of this world. Honestly I won't ever trust anyone else with complicated craziness that is health insurance!
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